Friday, 9 July 2010


Sorry Haden has been guilty of bad play.

Bad attitude.

Bad judgement.

Bad choice.


mojo said...


Anonymous said...

It was a volunteer position to start with. Let that be a lesson to us all.

He was accepted and promoted for his "strong personality" and now they wail that he didn't stop being Andy Haden and instead start imitating Sue Kedgley. If being a dick was grounds for dismissal, industry in NZ would come to a sudden and long term halt. Going by these new semi-truths propogated by the media, John Key should have been fired for suggesting his moari hosts were out to eat him. The hypocrisy is stunning.

Has anyone heard from the other five ambassadors? I believe a few are overseas - that place our media dare not tread. Who knows, John Kirwan may be causing a stir over dinner with comments on mental illness; we'll never know who or what Jonah Lomu is talking about!

And "rape support" groups: does it surprise anyone they are outraged? When was the last time you saw a headline that read: "Woman found at peace with herself - Rape support group over the moon". If an organisation exists to be invovled in trouble they're no the place to go for balanced intelligent thought - least of all, recommending sackings.

Anonymous said...

yes he's a dick - but his comments are right. there is never ever an excuse for rape, however, having been a rep sportsman and who has seen the groupies that always hang around, he has a point.

Anonymous said...

but did he tell the truth?

are there slappers who deliberately target sportspeople?

oh, there are?

so that means, Haden may just be right. but its not PC to say that slappers shag sportsmen.

(of course its not just sportsmen, its sportswomen too, eh Trev?)

so Haden told an uncomfortable truth, and we don't like that. OK, got that.

I miss BB.