Saturday, 4 July 2009


This morning the Herald harks with the voice of an avenging angel as it reports on the curious case of Bill Liu ,the man with one face but many names.

We have covered this story often
after it first saw the light of day in Investigate Magazine.

We are interested that Jones, who is central to this story because he signed off Lius passport as this extract from an earlier story in the Herald indicates, is not mentioned until the tail end paragraphs of today's Herald story. What does that mean?

Mr Cunliffe would not discuss the case when approached by the Herald before the election but later, under the Official Information Act, the Department of Labour released to the Herald the following passage from Mr Cunliffe's decision: "I have decided that the most appropriate route for this case at this time is for it to continue to be assessed by BSG [Border Security Group - includes fraud and compliance units] as a potential prosecution file. I do not discount the possibility of reconsidering it in the future."

A source close to Mr Cunliffe told the Herald that the minister had erred on the side of natural justice for Mr Liu but was "somewhat surprised" when Mr Jones (delegating for the Internal Affairs minister of the time, Rick Barker), granted Mr Liu citizenship without first discussing it with Mr Cunliffe.

So maybe there are some legal threats floating around. Anyway we reckon that this story still has quite a bit to play out yet.

All very fishy really.......

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