Thursday, 30 July 2009


We always knew that there was a lot of crap around organic certification and the supposed benefits that went with " organic" food. Now areputable study clearly shows that the only benefit in eating organic is that you will get poorer quicker.

Good - bring on the GM we say. And lets get over the PC organic vege bullshit.

However, we reckon our home grown veges are best. But that has more to do with "freshness" that organics.


alex Masterley said...

The self rightious squawking after that report was produced was just hilarious.

kehua said...

Kia ora BB, have missed your humour and `no shit` commentary, had a call from Colmar-Brunton last night sounding out whether District Councils should have last say on whether to allow GE and GM crops in their rohe. What`s up?

Farmer Baby Boomer said...

You are backing the wrong horse this time BB. I put GM/GE in the same category as Climate Change. In my opinion they are both junk science. GM/GE has been over hyped. As far as I'm concerned GM plants are noxious weeds. There are no plans to plant any on this Boomer's farm.
Some reading for you - news_details.asp?ID=2917 agriculture/science_and_impacts/ science/failure-to-yield.html

And just to show this ageing farmer is not anti-biotechnology here is one on non GM biotech being the future. news_details.asp?ID=2951