Monday, 27 July 2009


Yip it true. We have just been watching the Weatherston piece on TV3 60 Minutes. It was okay till they got to the bit where the reporter revealed she had been given permission to visit Weatherston in Jail.
Admittedly she talked about how keen he was to give his achievements. It did not paint a pleasant picture but the picture should never have been painted.

Weatherston should not have had that opportunity. Corrections has done the country a disservice for allowing the interview to go ahead.

Someone should be held accountable for that decision. Obviously Corrections thinks more of the rights of the inmate than the family of the victim. We hope that Sophie's family complain. We would help them write it.


Catharine Franks said...

It was riveting television but I think the Weatherstons were unwise to do it as their faces will now be even better known. I do feel for them.
It was clearly wrong for the journalist to be visiting their son in jail. More publicity for him? As if that was needed! As his father said, all Clayton's achievements mean absolutely and utterly nothing now. He has ruthlessly and calculatedly murdered an innocent young girl he thought was getting in the way of his career and who annoyed him sometimes. Because of his belief that what he did was justified and his lack of remorse, I think he will be a danger to anyone else involved who opposed him if he ever gets out. If only he could do a full life sentence. The Elliotts and his family are.

Unknown said...

It is the parents who need help now - their son has obviously hidden his traits from him - the visit to the jail has confirmed the jury was right - these parents need help from a professional to manage the media and to help them reconcile their love for their son and their hatred for his actions - please someone be that person - they need support as much as the Elliotts to become a functioning unit as a family rather than society condemn them as it was obvious they are having real problems - at least their son is away from harming any other woman for a long time - please protect these parents from the guilt and the media