Monday, 27 July 2009


The announcement that Sealords has sold some marine farms to Sanfords shows that Sanfords is more cunning than a cunning thing and that there are few visionaries left in the brain depleted ranks of Maori Fisheries interests.

It is extremely shortsighted. It is akin to Maori selling land and land in the marine market is a finite resource that will only grow in value.

We had always hoped that one day Maori would own Sanfords. It was the vision of many. This latest decision signposts the future and signals that Maori can look forward to serfdom again in our lifetime.
It also appears that Sealords may be a little cash strapped.It is time for Iwi to ask some hard questions of the performance of Sealords and Aotearoa Fisheries.


Barnsley Bill said...

Don't worry too much BB, give it 50 years and they will get it back in settlement again.

alex Masterley said...

One word can describe the performance.

wanaka fisherman said...

Sanfords have stuffed the halfshell mussel market in the last 6 months courtesy of VW, and now they have more product to doubly stuff it.

That is the very real implication of this sale.

Lucy said...

Im with you Barnsley but why wait 50 years Id only give it 10

Anonymous said...

Someone once told me that "there is no one so cunning in getting money for the weakest reason, and there is no one stupid at getting rid of it - as a maori".
That was told to me by a wealthy maori from wanganui some years ago.

Anonymous said...

BB & Lucy

I'm not with you at all. Ill informed babble.

Other anonymous.... Yeah has been truth to that at times, but that it was not confined to Maori neither.