Friday, 2 July 2010


From Lisa Lewis's facebook.. shows how small minded some people are.

Lisa Lewis

Te Totara Primary was the school that allowed parents + teachers to discriminate against my child. Shame on you to the mother that started a written petition to have my child stopped going to the school. Shame on you to ALL the mothers that stood around school property gossiping about what I do for a job – For the Record: My job is Legal. Get over it + quit singling us and others that are associated with us out.

This ones for Lisa


B.S. said...

That is horrendous discrimination. Unfortunately it is probably typical of the small minded bigotry prevalent in Hamilton. The dowagers of Rototuna should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Ms lewis doesn't need any extra support. From her previous public performances it looks like, Hamilton is outgunned.

She should be able to do as she pleases, anywhere in NZ, theoretically, within the letter of the law. Like stroll through a mongrel mob ganghouse with no clothes on and not have a finger laid on her.

But let's be real, the world doesn't give a good godamn about what's legal. And Ms lewis knows that, too. Come back to the city, Lisa. It's where you belong, since you are who you are.

P.S. Any establishment that doesn't serve decaf isn't being purist, they're being ignorant. Having been involved with sourcing coffee beans, there are available decaf varietals that you would not pick as decaf. The cheap, bland stuff that you often get served up in average cafe's is there simply because it's cheap and bland because it hasn't been roasted properly. The technique for roasting decaf is not the same as standard beans. If you need decaf and do not have a tasty option from your local roaster, ask them to contact their green bean supplier - they can get any selection you like.