Saturday, 4 July 2009


There have been some very interesting permutations of the bizfeminist movement over the years and Fran O'Sullivans column today looks at a new breed who are being championed by the acidic Mai Chen.

She also chastises National for not doing more to level up the playing field for women who want power and influence.

Its an interesting and insightful look into the changed psyche of the bizfem pack.

This pack is loaded with no nonense women who seem to use testosterone as a perfume. We have a couple of mates who attend these functions and for them they see it as a fast ticket to the boardrooms of the nation.

They interestingly, appear over feminised - they spend way more on their appearance than your average Sally sheila. They are actually fluffy -all false nails, botox, silk and Jimmy Choos. It's as, though this uberfemininity is their badge of honour. But they seem to think they gain their strength from the collective. Sad that in this day and age we still have to, as women, think we have to hunt in a pack to get anywhere.


Sus said...

"Sad that in this day and age we still have to, as women, think we have to hunt in a pack to get anywhere."

Who's 'we' white (wo)man? Not this little black duck! ;)

Tracey said...

Why are all you bloggers so in thrall to Fran O'Sullivan? She gets to speak to people you don't? It is just plain weird. Out there in the real world she is viewed as being increasingly small-minded and, essentially, all about Fran. Fran is the story. The view is she thinks she is NZ's Paul Krugman or David Brooks or something.

There is this weird sense you get that Fran writes, the acolytes crow and tweet, Fran is happy, Fran then follows their themes, they are happy...all so happy happy.

Maybe you are all a group that has dinner every six months or something. You, kate, oil, etc. Almost like different products under the same master brand called Fran.

Cactus Kate said...

Dear Tracey,

What would you know about the "real world"? Really.

We comment on O'Sullivan's work because she's one of the few columnist/politico-business writers in New Zealand. I don't think we've mentioned her any more than other columnist/politico-business writers.

New Zealand is a small pond.


P.S: Whale, BB and I have never all had dinner together. It could stem from the fact we live in different cities and countries, or that Whale is a Nana who doesn't drink much or stay out past 6pm

Tracey said...


You have no idea what I know about the real wold. None. To respond like that is interesting. You pop up all over the place, with the same theme - how smart and informed you are. Smart - probably ok. Informed - no.

In reality, as you know, you make a great deal of your "facts" up.

I am sure that you are familiar with the term "perception management", and some of the better practicioners of it. If not, was generated by the military, and is essentially about creating reality through intelligent use of half-facts and untruths, but with a steamroller consistency that, through volume, becomes seen as the truth. This is what you and your merry band of Fran worshippers aim to do. Your ultimate win is when Fran picks up on one of your very own campaigns. How big and happy that must make you feel

Sally said...

A profile of who Tracey is and what she does for a living, would be great for us readers. Then perhaps we will be able to form an opinion on what she is portraying?

Cactus Kate said...


You aren't one of the many recently made redundant at the Ministry of Social Development? With logic like that you would think so.

Make facts up? When? Where? Nonsense, or I imagine you would have come on my blog and confronted me with the allegations.

Pop up everywhere? Un-fucking likely. I have one blog, one place I pop up.

I simply explained precisely why O'Sullivan is quoted on blogs. The same reason bloggers attribute their sources - for if we don't we get sour, boring, non-participatory old c***s like you alleging we have made things up.