Thursday, 15 July 2010


It appears that there is going to be a real competition for the National Party nomination for Wairarapa.

John Hayes, the sitting MP is a nice enough bloke. Only ever met him once under the shade of a big old tree , drinkin and eatin, as you do in the Wairarapa.

But he has not been a stellar performer.

However the Wairarapa Times Age is reporting that Matahiwi winery director and shareholder Alastair Scott has confirmed he is challenging Hayes for the National Party nomination.

Mr Scott, a director/shareholder in Matahiwi Winery, on the outskirts of Masterton, said the winery was now well established and he had the "time and energy" to channel towards national politics.

Mr Scott, 44, said his decision to seek the nomination had nothing to do with any dissatisfaction over the performance of Mr Hayes.

He suspected there may well be others interested in securing the Wairarapa nomination.

"The obvious ones could be list MPs from the Wellington area, they are always looking for a home."

Mr Scott divides his time between a home on the Matahiwi Winery property and Kelburn.

He is separated with three children and, apart from his interest in Matahiwi, is involved in several other ventures.

He is a former board member of Go Wairarapa, sits on the Wairarapa Regional Irrigation Trust, is a director of Henergy Eggs and belongs to the Wairarapa Development Group.

Ironically, the last named was set up at the urging of Mr Hayes who invited Mr Scott and others to become members of the think-tank styled group aimed at raising the business profile of the district and thereby creating greater employment opportunities.

Mr Scott said he, like Mr Hayes, believed in competition and this had been reinforced during his time in banking and the wine industry.

Although he had always had an interest in politics, dating back to his college days, Mr Scott said he had never before sought a position nationally.

"But now with Matahiwi ticking along quite nicely the time is right for me and the Wairarapa electorate."

Well this will be an interesting competition and we are firm believers that continuous renewal is good for the party.

Scott seems to have a lot in common with John Key. And he obviously has big balls as taking on an incumbent MP is not an easy or comfortable thing to do.

We will keep you posted.

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PM of NZ said...

It will be good to see the useless time server go up against some competition. He may well be our MP, but every time I hear his name mentioned he reminds of that other useless time server that is on the the other side of the house, the ex Minister of Plods.