Thursday, 15 July 2010


Oh dear, it appears that there was a change in the climate in Southland tonight but it had nothing to do with Global warming and everything to do with people getting hot under the collar about the ETS.

Southland is famous for its fiestiness and although its pretty much a Blue ribbon province they are not so keen on the ETS.

You only have to go back to the late 70's, to the day the streets of Invercargill ran red with blood as farmers , distressed by a lengthy strike by the meatworkers unions in the middle of a drought, staged a macabre protest. They were desperate to get the starving stock off the farms and into the works. So they took their protest to the people and slaughtered stock on the main street of Invercargill. It was not a pleasant sight. The sheep were dying on their feet so for most it was a mercy killing. It was an event that earned the moniker Bloody Friday.

It worked.

So they are capable of getting their dander up. And it seems that the ETS has got them in a lather....

Nick Smith and Eric Roy would have had a tough time of it....

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Anonymous said...

"Nick Smith and Eric Roy would have had a tough time of it...."

Good grief what a patsy statement. Are these two not politicians?

And having only one hour for their meeting did not help their fat-headed cause. Hardly enough time for questions to be answered satisfactorily. They thoroughly deserved the flak dished up to them.

I think things would have been more heated now that Key has capitulated on the mining fiasco.

Key is compromising on anything where it looks as though votes will be lost. His tenure will achieve nothing to turn around our floundering country.