Monday, 19 July 2010


You have the laugh when all the journalists can do for a front page lead is a " Could be, Might be" story.

Sort of a Seers shock horror. The 90 day employment issue fell victim to it this morning with headlines raging that the one day sickie could be mortally wounded by the proposed legislation. A worse case scenario is P for the doom merchants.

There is nothing so gross as the media acting like a pack of Salem witches..

The way we see it the law will stop Monday and Fridayitis - an affliction that is common to many workplaces. This law, if enacted, ( and remember its got to go through the select committee process) will give employers a tool to curb the habitual sufferers of said Monday and Fridayitis.

Actually, now there is a job for a cub reporter - find out from the Labour Department what are the days people are most likely to be sick.

And is there an increase in sickness after say a big sports event that is mid week and after midnite on telly?

This legislation will also give employers a tool for those people who think that you should find a reason to take all of the sick leave they are allocated.

And its a fair provision - if you are asked to get a doctors note the proposed legisalation requires the employer to pick up the tab.

So we think that its a great idea ( but then again we are a self described hard arse)

Bring it on..

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buried said...

Yeah, I got sucked-in by the TV3 promo tonight, thinking it was yet another Govt attack on workers. What a big nothing. Being sucked-in sux.