Friday, 8 October 2010


But he does not reside in the  Carterton Freemasons lodge.   You will find him sighing in ecstasy as he sniffs up the hate and intolerance  at St Davids Parish generated  by the small mindedness of a bigoted priest and his fear  of those who have different beliefs. 

Seems as if the priest of St Davids Church in Carterton is a little bit scared of  the Freemasons.

We are no big fan of the Freemasons but these days they do more good than harm. Its all about companionship, fellowship and doing good for the community ( Shit that sounds like Christianity!)

We were bought up in the Presbyterian, Methodist and lastly the Baptist churches and apart from the predilection for the Baptists to like full immersion Baptisms ( think wet tee shirts on young girls and boys) and there isn't a hellalujah between them.

So St Davids is a Union Church  - a combination of Press Buttons and Methodicals as we used to call them as kids.

Dour bastards. In fact these guys are the dourest bastards you will find anywhere. The reason that faiths like this exist is that they concentrate on the sin thing.  Sermons are based on the faults of us all and fear,palpable fear,  thunders down from the pulpit- Their  sermons do  not celebrate  the goodness of the earth and it inhabitants.

Theirs is narrow church in building and in collective mind.

Crazily, this sad tale  isn't about the  perceived belief that Freemasons worship goats, its about the churches concerns that the Freemasons lodge is being temporarily used as the town...... Library.

Seems that the pious priest of St Davids reckons that the Freemasons lodge is all set about with Witchcraft.

That it  could be bad for the books.   So the church members are being asked to withdraw their library cards..

 Jesus wept.

And even all the more  hypocritical  when so many   symbols of christianity have deep roots in Paganism.

Seems the priest of St Davids is not a good scholar of his faith.

Church leaders like this bloke, do eventually do good - they help people to see the hypocrisy in religion. They are haters and wreckers.. Their flocks  will dwindle.

The story ends by telling us that the Priest and his missus are leaving Carterton soon. Bloody good show. 

Praise be the lord and all that.

The town will be the better for their absence.

And here is some  christian mind food for the priest 

We especially like this verse  “Judge not, that you be not judged.  Matthew 7.1

And we ask John Cromarty - can you face the scrutiny? 


alex Masterley said...

What bollocks.

CW said...

Reminds me of something that I heard recently: "Satan does some of his finest work from the pulpit."

alex Masterley said...

And my forbears are Irsh Protestants. As a branch of the Presbyterian Church they have a mortgage on being dour buggers. But my grandfather was a senior mason in northern ireland.
Go figure.
The minster is probably pissed off that he never got into the local branch of the Masons.

Transparency in New Zealand, Kiwileaks. said...
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alex Masterley said...