Tuesday, 26 October 2010


The wee blond thing Ruth Carr who fronts for top Kiwi band Minuit should become a new urban hero.

While quietly biding her time with a coffee prior to the Band Together concert in Christchurch - she spied a group of skinheads complete with banner extolling their creed . Carr gave them some shit for being losers. And things got a bit nasty, as it would. Skinheads are the ultimate losers. They have no real purpose in life but to hate. They gorge on it.

So Carr was shaken up by the incident but not so much it seems by their reaction but more by the fact that people of their ilk could wander the street spreading their own brand of fear and loathing with impunity.

It seems they were followed by police. But there is no way that they should have been allowed into the concert.

Good on Carr. More people should follow her brave stance and voice their disgust at these low life.

Christchurch with its conservative backbone and mainland stoicism is a wonderful city but it has a putrid white underbelly and the skinheads are nothing but the fleas that suck on it.


Anonymous said...

Ruth Carr needs to go back to Wellington.

> They have their opinions
>They are doing nothing morally wrong/illegal at the time
>They are wandering down the street minding their own business

>A self-righteous Fascist woman decides their beliefs are wrong so goes out of her way to shout abuse at them, then when they shout something back runs to the media and says how shaken she was

Does she plan to go seek out every gang and racist in Christchurch and tell them how wrong their beliefs are and how perfect she is?

CW said...

A thin skinned, whiny defender of white supremacists! You sound like a hand wringing liberal. Funny and intriguing all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

i thought the minuit chick came across as a bit naive. i don't think she had anything to be particularly proud of.

Anonymous said...

My Asian wife was repeatedly abused by a skinhead at Auckland airport-- told her to go home with a bunch of epithets. She complained to a security guard. By this time this arsehole was a picture of innocence. The guard said "lady what do you expect me to do, he's doing nothing?" She told him she didn't expect anything from the likes of him in his pointy hat, but if it happened back home down The Coast she would "blow that jerk's ass off with the 270."

Both dickheads moved on.