Tuesday, 12 October 2010


There is an interesting story circulating Wellington today in the wake of the Chris Carter scandal.

It is that more than one journalist has seen the list of Labour MP's that Carter has " interesting" information about. There are reportedly quite a few names.

The second story is that there really was a coup afoot to unseat Goff. They had met and sorted out their strategy. They were ready to pounce and that coup was reportedly led by none other than David Cunliffe and most importantly they had the numbers. And then Carter decided to indulge in some idiotic black ops - which fast turned into black slops when the anonymous letter to the Gallery led straight back to him.

The fact that there was a coup and that it was ready to go may have been the reason that Carter was so bloody ballsy after the event.

He knows the numbers are there to roll Goff. He knows there is a will for it to happen.

We think that the only thing that has really changed is the when.

Goff can do little else but watch his back and get his spies to check out for the charcoal smoke rising from the BBQ in David Cunliffe's backyard.


Randominanity said...

what the journo's have seen is the submission Carter made on Monday night. It doesn't actually contain any names.

He did offer to provide them at the hearing but it was turned down by the Council

barry said...

For some reason everyone seems to be spelling his name wrong - cun_liffe has a 'T' in it.