Thursday, 21 October 2010



The Ministry of Education has decided that its going to pay striking teachers as an act of "good faith " to try and entice them back to the bargaining table..

Well thats going to send messages to every pubic sector union in the country.

the message is -

" Throw a tanty - walk out - we understand and feel your pain.. So you go and have a day off and a wee korero with your mates and have a really good whinge and grizzle with all those of like mind.. We still love you and we will pay you for doing nothing for the day and in fact we will reward you for disrupting the lives of kids and hard working parents who have gone to work and put in a decent days labour. "

And this under a National government???

We expect the negotiators to play hard ball. Everyone is realising the need for fiscal prudence. The pays that really need docked are the silly bastards in the Ministry of Education who dreamed up this tactic..

We also think its hugely ironic that the union on hearing of the Ministry of Educations largess at the taxpayers expense had a big belly laugh and pretty much told them to get stuffed.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the government is paying the teachers for strategic reasons, so that parents will feel even more negatively towards the teachers for expecting a pay increase that most of us have not received last year or this.