Monday, 18 October 2010


Cactus got it right the other day when she expressed outrage at the payout given to the bint who did the cry baby thing over being " sexually harassed" by the big cheese at Ausssies mega store David Jones.

Kirsty Fraser- Kirk came over all angel eyed , and pledged to give the money to charity.. Apparently she has decided that the $870,000 she got is not enough to share with the needy so the greedy mealy mouthed toadette is pocketing the lot.

While she may have had a smidgen of sympathy going into her court hearing - she has undoubtedly lost any respect now. This venal move has shown that what most worldly women recognised from the get go - she is a spiteful shallow little gold digger with a slit eye on the main chance.

She is going to find it tough to get a job anywhere in Aussie after keeping the loot so hopefully she doesn't look to our green shores for work.

We have met and worked for some complete and utter pricks in our day. Everything from gropers, touchers, and outright harassers, all of a magnitude far greater than anything Fraser Kirk alleged. The David Jones boss made a complete arse of himself and he payed the ultimate price for being a tosser. .

It was not ok for him to use his position to put the hard word on her and David Jones should have had procedures in place to ensure that he was reprimanded.

However, too often over the years we have seen women feigning horror at the advances of some aging octopus but actually enjoying, indeed reveling in the drama of it all. We are after all women and at our base worst we act in as primal a fashion as men.

Now sexual harassment is ugly. Its about power. But you wouldn't walk into a closed room with a heap of hissing cobras just as you should steer clear of any wanker who has a track record of being a boorish arsewipe.

But the wee lovey is obviously not the greatest PR practitioner in the world otherwise she would have used her brief moment of fame to capitalise on her win, sharing it with the needy, spinning the story out for a while and further damaging McInnes and David Jones.

She had a chance to do a Princess Diana. If we were managing her - she would have given half a mill to charity and then launched a career as the heroine of wide eyed vixens everywhere .

But nah. She just wants the Prada bag and matching shoes.

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SHG said...

To be fair, I believe she promised to pay any punitive damages to charity. David Jones wanted to avoid a court hearing and paid her off, so there WERE no punitive damages.