Wednesday, 13 October 2010


With all this talk of racism and cultural cringe we thought we would share a little race issue we are having in our back yard.

We have a small problem of the feathered type. We have one turkey hen sitting on infertile eggs - no Turkey cock. And we have one melenisian ring neck pheasant cock who is lonely and has taken to eyeing up my red gummies with undisguised lust.

So why don't they get together? Buggered if we know. But it would be an interesting cross. So meanwhile Im scared the Pheasant is going to frott the shit out of my bestest gummies and the turkey is going to waste away from sitting on dud eggs.

If its good enough for us to hook up with an Aussie, and lets face it they are a bit different from us kiwis then we reckon its good enough for these birds to do the wild thing.

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