Thursday, 13 May 2010


As our nation reels from the news that a little four year old boy  was attacked in Whakatane  for wearing a red tee shirt by a Black Power wannabe ( read prospect), we  are more incensed by the response from Black Power.

The abuse of the four-year-old, as his father's back was turned, is the latest of several violent gang "colours" incidents. It has sparked outrage within gang circles and from the police minister.
The little boy was screamed at, prodded, then had his shirt ripped off him as he played in Whakatane's Cutler Crescent reserve about 3.30pm last Thursday.
The street is home to many blue colour-coded Black Power members. The rival Mongrel Mob's colours are red.

Firstly one of the local leaders ( read bully and thug) says they are keeping a look out for the perpetrator and they will deal to him.

"We are not happy with this. We are keeping a watch out for the guy. If he is found we will give him a good clouting.

Wrong , wrong , wrong.

It is not up to the gang to be police. It is not up to them to perpetuate the cycle of violence. It is not for them exercise any form of jungle justice.

It is for them to find the cowardly  thug who beats a four year old up for wearing a red shirt and turn him over to the authorities so that those who have the responsibility for law and order can administer it. This thug should be treated as any other young thug. That its not okay.

If he receives a " clouting " from Black Power then all that does is cement  Black Power's authority and diminishes the authority of the police and court system.

Black Power leaders say they are trying to change the gang culture from within but their response to this incident puts pay to that lie.

We are also extremely saddened by the response of   acknowledged gang advocate  Denis O'Reilly  as well. While admitting that this heinous act is beyond the pale for even hardened gangsters  he is still worried about the " shame "  that it will bring to the gang.

The only shame that Black Power should feel is that none of them have the balls to turn this violent bully over to the authorities for him to face the full   force of the law. By doing that the gang would show their followers that they do have some respect for the judiciary and that they acknowledge that it is not their place to play vigilantes.

It is up to people like Denis to say that the gang will bring the coward to the police. That what he has done is not acceptable. That they have respect for our law and order system that the rest of us abide by. 

Simply put - their response shows Black Power still  think like criminals and act like criminals. 

Until then they only deserve contempt from the rest of us. 


Medusa said...

And the police/courts would do what? slap on wrist? 40 hours community service? Unfortunately the police are far too busy revenue gathering. That's the reality.

Tim Selwyn said...

They are a gang. They do not want to be part of the law and order - and they are Black Power, so they especially don't want to be part of the Pakeha-Crown law and order system. You can't expect a gang member to nark out their own prospects to the pigs - that's just untenable and unrealistic. In this case the prospect has proven himself such an idiot that if he is not well-connected or liked he might well be narked off for this if it is convenient.

What he said he was going to do is give him a tune up when they see him next - that's a reasonable response from a Black Power gang member. I just hope that's what happens and that there are rigorous and robust internal procedures to ensure that disciplinary action is undertaken in a timely manner for anyone purporting to carry out gang activities against four year olds. What more can you ask from a gang? They are not the Whakatane Men's Bowling Club.

Oswald Bastable said...

I note that the media is not crying 'vigilante' in this particular case.