Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Well the  Public Relations Instititute of NZ  Fellows - have a job ahead of them this year.

The nominations for  2010 Communicator of the Year are
Judge Andrew Becroft
Glynn Cardy  - Mr Jesus Billboards
Dr Lockwood Smith - the wise and benevolent standard setter for parliamentary behaviour
and Whaling issues supremo  Glenn Inwood.

We think if its down to who has changed public opinions the most  - its Glenn. Simply because a few years ago Everyone loved the anti whaling lobby and no-one loved the Japanese but  public opinion has shifted and more and more people see the anti whalers as grandstanding  wankers who are only concerned about getting the public to fund their boys own piratical fantasies.

And a few years ago we didnt think that this was possible so strong was the anti whaling sentiment - however as a  poll in The Australian showed - more people think the protesters were at fault re the Ady Gil incident.

Results: Whaling showdown

Who do you think is to blame for the collision between a Japanese whaling ship and Sea Shepherd protest boat?

  • Whalers 47.06% (1327 votes)
  • Protesters 52.94% (1493 votes)
Total votes: 2820

 And there are other opinion polls that have shown a considerable shift of support for the Japanese. 

So we dont think that the " PRINZ  Fellows" will have the balls to vote Glen as the communicator of the year but as far as  a long running PR campaign that has successfully shifted an enormous weight of public opinion -  Glenn wins hands down. 
However we do  think that all nominees are worthy recipients. 

Cardy for poking sacred cows.
Becroft for shedding  light on a dark world
And Lockwood for showing us all that MP's when treated like naughty school children can play nicely in the political sandpit if they are guided the right way.

( Note  BB is a member of Prinz but  did not nominate anyone)

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