Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Wow, we have never been all that jealous of the PM and his goldfish bowl existence but we were today when we found out he had been given the worlds finest ham.   Iberico bellota ham
Crikey. We are greener than Kermit.

What we would do for a slice of that.  Actually we think a lot of people would like a slice of that and pay good money for it..  Could be a bloody good fundraiser

We would even consider swapping one of our prized bucket of muttonbirds for it.. 

Go on John  - its a good swap and we reckon our bucket of muttonbirds would be a bloody good peace offering for those sulky miffed Tuhoe up there in the mist.  We will even help ya cook the birds if you swap us that ham. 


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pdm said...

Sounds like better value than one of Ahmed Zaouis (sp) Kebabs.