Sunday, 16 May 2010


We think that this is a great idea. Someone has hit on the idea of using Marae to host cultural accomodation packages for the 2011 Rugby  World Cup. They story reads great until they suggest that they are not in it to make money. What is the shame in saying that they are in it for the money? None. Its a great idea with potential to provide short term employment and works experience as well as some cash flow for some cash strapped marae. So making money is good.
 Tanenui said some marae stood to earn $100,000 from the plan, but their main motivation was to offer overseas guests some Maori hospitality.
If I was still on our Marae committee in Bluff I would be dead keen to have the community involved.

So all you Marae commiittee members out there  - get into it - host some tourists  - show them a hell of a time and make some money well you are at it.
UPDATE :  Cactus has a another take on this story..

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