Wednesday, 12 May 2010


We have had about a dozen emails and texts today asking if  we were involved in the stabbing on  the muttonbird islands on Monday. A bloke ( yes we know who he is ) was stabbed by another bloke ( and we know him as well and we dont like him. ) 

Guns  and often alcohol are banned on most islands. But as knives are pretty integral to the processing of the birds  - its no surprise  that they would be used as weapons in an argument. The island where the altercation occurred is about an hours journey by boat from our island.

It was apparently an argument about muttonbirds.  We laughed out loud at this statement by an Invercargill copper.

He was flown directly to Southland Hospital where he underwent surgery and was expected to be released today, said Detective Dougall Henderson of Invercargill police.
Access to the isolated islands is restricted to Rakiura Maori, who harvest muttonbirds - also known as sooty shearwaters - there, but police were granted clearance to fly to the island and a boning knife was recovered, he said.
A 49-year-old man was arrested and now faces serious assault charges.
The men had been muttonbirding together, but had a falling out over birds.

"Muttonbirds, not the other type," Mr Henderson said.

Hell, over the years  birders have fought over boundaries, catches, and just for the hell of it -   but women??? Nah. Never.

It will be interesting if the prize  wanker who was arrested will be allowed back on the island.

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