Monday, 24 May 2010


Her venal attempt to squeeze some value out of her pompous git of an ex husband has shown that she is a no account big mouthed loser.

It is interesting that some commentators are suggesting that she has been forced to engage in the dark arts simply because she is short of a few hundred thousand quid or so.

It is fairly obvious that the worlds best known Ginga has had a bit of work done. There has to beat least a couple of thousand pounds of botox in that frozen countenance.

So does she get sympathy from me? No way. She is a silly wobbly headed vacuous cow.


Anonymous said...

Who cares?


kehua said...

Why are you so horrible to this woman?
What gives you the right to voice your opinion about someone that you do not know personally?
Perhaps your focus would be better directed towards issues that really matter.
Are you yourself so squeaky clean.