Friday, 21 May 2010

Deborah Hill Cone divorces Facebook

Deborah Hill Cone announced her departure from Facebook in todays Business Herald. Two weeks ago she was advocating it.

I know how she feels. I have an ambivalent relationship with Facebook. I have gone from doing several updates a day to doing barely 1 update a week. I am considering another friend purge to reduce it from my current 27. There are probably five that I interact with on a regular basis.

A couple of weeks ago I got tired of regular status updates promoting a nasty little Facebook group attacking a media personality. I have no idea of the rights and wrongs of what was being said but I didn't want it appearing in my stream. Being forced to read words that I found vulgar and unpleasant.

I have a similar relationship with blogging. There is stuff that I read on blogs that I know is blatantly hypocritical. Public figures being lampooned and criticized for behavior that the bloggers themselves have engaged in. Or bloggers representing themselves in one way when the truth is very different.

Facebook and blogging are harmless pursuits for 99% of those who engage in them. For a few people they are as dangerous and damaging as any addiction.

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Anonymous said...

Queerly - she is back simply to post some pix for a friend to share.