Monday, 10 May 2010


This is a superb example of an old Hooker's Sealion Beach Master and one of  his mates  and a kid. He rules his domain fiercely. While we are on the muttonbird island they leave our beach and head for Small Craft about half a km away .. Then when we leave they go back to our island. Occasionally they visit us and growl and groan  and as in previous years they keep an eye out for when we set the greenbone net and after about 2 hours they thief all the fish. They are cunning enough to pull them out head first and can eat about 15 in  a few minutes. They are also quite at home deep in the bush and its nothing to find them 2km into the  big forest of Stewart Island  near a fresh water creek or river. Their Maori name is whakahao.

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