Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Like most New Zealanders we are following the Pike River story with a heavy heart. We still hope for that miracle that will see the men return to the surface alive. We have a small understanding of the agony those waiting at the surface will be going through. Years ago we lost our boyfriend at sea. He walked out the door on the Friday to go fishing and never came back. After about three days all they found was an oil slick, no wreckage of the boat and no life raft.

For days we refused to believe that he hadn't got into a life raft and drifted somewhere. Holed up shipwrecked on some rocky outcrop. Deep down we knew he was gone but that didn't stop us from walking the beach each night believing that he would appear out of the waves and stagger from the sea into our arms. That state of unreality lasted long after the funeral. There was no body, so we still clung to hope and closure was a long time coming.

So like the rest of the country our hearts and thoughts are with the wives, mothers, brothers, sons and daughters who are suffering the unbearable agony of the unknown. And like them we still hope that somewhere deep in that mine they have found refuge. But if its the worst that happens then those proud men and boys still need to be brought home.

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