Friday, 5 November 2010


We are on the Wairarapa train and as per usual there are quite a few golden oldies using their free gold passes for a free trip. Anyway the conductor told one couple that they would have to get a new gold card because they had an expired.

And unless they had the right dates they were told not to accept them.

Why, we asked, were they so worried? After all, we said- its not like the card carriers are going to get any younger.

However the conductors tell us that there is a heap of fraud and people pass on the expired cards to people who arent yet eligible for them.

Sounds like a story there somewhere..


Anonymous said...

Why do Gold Cards have an expiry date anyway? Unlike university ID cards say, where the person ceases to be a student after a few years, a pensioner never ceases to be a pensioner until they die. And if someone else uses a dead pensioners Gold Card, the photo should reveal the fraud.... unless it's David Garret perhaps ;)

jv said...

Sad old sods. Bet they are Winston acolytes who learnt their fraudster trade from the master.
ps my card certainly doesn't have a photo