Monday, 8 November 2010


Now we are all for Maori designs being used to promote and indeed capitalise on the Rugby World Cup.

And its good to see some people show some commercial nous and for TPK to open doors and the like - but why should there be any support for a tee-shirt that talks about death?

Now on the face of it , our reaction to the Ka Mate teeshirt seems odd considering our derision for most PC concerns but we are Ngai Tahu and we have a deeply ingrained hatred for the song.

Te Rauparaha raided and killed many Ngai Tahu in an attempt to take over the South Island. What we really want to know is, has any government money been spent on developing these teeshirts?

If so, then its not the wisest investment the government has made in the RWC and to top it off, this weekend witnessed some ugly crowd violence at a rugby league match - so are kids wearing teeshirts talking about dying and killing going to add to a fun, environment at the Rugby World Cup?


We are seriously considering reviving a teeshirt that was made popular by Bluff Fishermen a few years back. It was about the time way back in history when Ngai Tahu got their own back on Te Rauparaha . He had sent some of his kin down south do have a look see and Ngai Tahu welcomed them and then slaughtered and ate some of them abut kept one skinny bugger alive and sent him back to tell the chief to f**k off and never ever consider coming south again.

He didnt .

The even is known colloquially as the "Last Supper at Tuturau" the teeshirts were in the form of a skull and cross bones but the bones were a knife and fork. A bit like the one above..

Might be a job for Mr Vintage..


Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

Interesting how, on one hand, the indigenous brethren can scream about breaches of intellectual property rights when folk "rip off their haka"...but now, on the other hand, they can quite happily prostitute the words "Ka Mate" (part of the haka) themselves!
Ahhh, how principles collapse in the face of piles of $$$!!!

CW said...

Interesting how people back rationalise things to fit their ignorance. Even if they've got part of their story completely arse about face.