Monday, 8 November 2010


Jackie Sperling is a facebook mate. Never met her but she contacted me when Michael Laws decided to launch a pre-emptive strike against her when he thought she was going to do a tell all over a brief but intense relationship he had with her.

We blogged about it , and initially we weren't on her side. However, we have been in her corner now for some time. In fact we have grown to admire her pluck, courage and wit.

She has a condition even we have suffered from - bastarditis or more commonly known as the Bastard Factor.

Its a tough one to cure but its the chronic attraction to shit men.

Jackie an intelligent, funny thoughtful women who fell headfirst into a pit of despair. She crawled out - owned up - was convicted , found god along the way and is well on track to getting her life sorted.
Then she came to the attention of Laws. Enter the Bastard factor.

Laws wanted Jackie and other relationships, he obviously thought she would be happy to be his bit on the side - When it looked like the story of their relationship looked like surfacing in the media he tried to downplay it.

Sperling has now decided to tell her side of the story and it pretty clear that Laws has a fetish for prostitutes.

Nothing hugely wrong with that, we support decriminalised prostitution.

But its clear from the evidence, Jackie is also a meticulous record keeper, that the narcissistic Laws is really not capable of loving anyone but himself.

She is a good woman. And she will be a better woman than many for spending some time in that pit of dispair and finding her way out. Its just sad that the first bloke she saw when she sat at the top of the pit was Laws.

He is a sad sorry arsed little man. And to borrow a great line from Tim Shadbolt, how can you respect a man who wants to beat up on the gangs and criminals, and beats up on politicians but gets beaten up by his wife?

He is a sad, sick, sorry bastard.

As for Jackie. Well she will be just fine.


Jacqueline said...

Thank you Tina. It has not been overlooked that you owe me a big fat huge ass "I told you so" ... It's ok...i can handle hit me with your best shot ;)

Women with bastarditus never heed the warnings, or listen to friends' advice.

I think though, like with all mistakes, there is always something to learn and something positive that can be taken from the experience...and i feel like a house has been lifted off my shoulders, since this ended.

I may just be cured of bastarditus ....forever?!

John Gibson said...

If he is part of the resurrection of Winston First may he be damned to eternal torment.

John Gibson said...

If he is part of the resurrection of Winston First may he be damned to eternal torment.

Jacqueline said...

I don't think that Winston wants Laws. Michael told me that they met for dinner, one night back in July to discuss the matter, but that Winston had told Laws to "Sort your personal life out and then come talk to me" ...i don't think coming straight to my place after that conversation, was quite what Winston had in mind.

Anonymous said...

Shame you had to use someone elses blog to spread shit.

Sad old woman