Wednesday, 3 November 2010


We were a bit gobsmacked at the Sunday markets last weekend in Masterton, when we ran smack bang into two big hairy arsed Nomad gang members in full regalia. They dont wear their patches so we can all admire their embroidery - no. They do it to intimidate. Allowing them to parade the streets in their gear normalises them. And they aint normal.

We are delighted that Wairoa is looking to ban patches. Its a bloody tough little town and any effort to reduce the power of the gangs is a step in the right direction.

And while we are at it - all government departments should ban gang patches from their buildings..

Get to it guys.. Get rid of gangs and you will make a serious dent in P problem.


MikeE said...

You got it the wrong way around.

Legalise and regulate drugs, and you get rid of the gang problem.

Banning gang patches will never get rid of gangs, and it sure as hell won't stop them making money from P.

Realising that drugs are a health issue and not a law and order issue, and removing gangs monopoly on the horrible substance will do more to hurt gangs than a patch ban ever will - and will allow those who need treatment to get it without being branded a criminal

Keeping Stock said...

Totally disagree MikeE. Do you live in an area where P use is rife? I do, and it's not pleasant.

@ Brunette - agree wholeheartedly. The streets of Wanganui SEEM a whole lot safer now. There is doubtless still gang activity happening, but at the shopping centre where I get the mail every morning, the Black Power guys no longer strut around intimidating people. It may just be perception, but perception becomes reality.

Anonymous said...

any known gang members or affiliates especially stupid woman who date/marry gang members need to be removed from wairarapa's society be as nice as you like I have lived in masterton for 30 yrs and even today gangs and gang culture are still playing havoc..... And answer me this is it racist when more then just the majority of darker people I have had contact with in the wairarapa in 30 yrs have been scum in one form or another? You PC softies make me sick everytime I think of the bad stuff that has happened to me and the majority of people I have seen around this otherwise beautiful region, I just wish the monkeys didn't live here.

90 percent of criminals come from 5 percent of nz familys