Tuesday, 9 November 2010


So Maori are talking to the government about Mining. We always reckoned that this was where the greatest opportunity lay for Maori - beneath the earth as we predicted here months ago.

So now we see that the Big Swinging Dicks have swung into town and are talking to Gerry and Key about just what deals can be done.

All good we say.

But the best thing we saw in the PM's statement was this.

"I wouldn't say there was a universal desire for Maori to be engaged in mining but there's the potential and they at least want to have the discussion. Given the nature of their engagement, we thought it was a good idea to have that discussion."

He said he was also aware that the Iwi Leaders Group did not speak for all Maori and Government would be talking with other groups as well.

While the Government had made it clear it would not mine in schedule four land, it was interested in expanding other mining activities, Mr Key said.

It was conducting aero-magnetic surveys and having talks with interested parties.

It shows that there has been a shift in the governments thinking. That there has been a realisation that the mana monster aka the Iwi Leaders forum needs to be put in its place. And its time for the government to start talking to some of the Maori Land incorporations.


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Marty Mars said...

I disagree with your view.

Will the mauri of the whenua be enhanced or diminished by mining?

You don't get mana by digging bits of your mother for money - that is the way to a wasteland of no mana.

Did we fight the claim for this?