Thursday, 11 November 2010


While we think that there are a few teachers out there who are too steeped in union politics, we are dismayed to see a story about one who tells it like it is and gets lambasted for it by some parents.

It would have. The shame of it is that the parents didnt tell the girl to pull her head in and pull her skirt down.

You see apparently the girl has " behavioural" problems. More likely that the parents have "issues."

And she was not wearing the skirt at the right length.

They freely admit that the girls skirt was too short. But do they tell the daughter that the teacher was right? No they go after the school and want an apology and a sacking of the teacher.
Good on the principal for sticking up for his staff.

Well, how about MSD coming in and takes the kid away because they are crap parents for letting their bobble headed bint daughter go to school with her skirt round her kidneys in the first place?

So now we have a teacher who does the right thing being publicly pilloried, some parents who are covering up for bad parenting by blaming their daughters bad behaviour on a teacher and a kid who will be a hero among her peers and will be so bloody smug she will be unbearable.

Well thats a lose lose for everyone.

The best outcome would have been for the parents to back up the teacher and punish the girl for being a tart.

We are fostering a new generation of Lolitas who are learning, largely through social media that sex equals power.

We look at the younger generation and we dont feel sorry for the girls - its the boys we worry about.


motella said...

That teacher should be immediately disciplined for using inappropriate language - the correct modern day term is "hoe"

alex Masterley said...

I have two boys. One a new entrant and one 18months off school.
I feel sorry for them. Even little school girls these days are dressing like slappers.
so what will it be like when they get to high school...

Anonymous said...

...err...the same as when we were at high school? If it wasn't as short as possible, it was as tight as is humanly possible. Doesn't seem to me that anything has changed.