Friday, 7 January 2011


We have sampled a few wines in the Xmas New Year. But today we are sitting savouring what has to be the best wine we have had in the last few weeks and its the best Rose we have had in quite a while. Rose's can often be light fluffy quaffers, little depth and bugger all style. More often than not they can be best described as the "barbie doll" of wines. A tad superficial.

Todays bottle changed our view of what a Rose can be.

It is lovingly crafted by Karl Johner under the Paulownia Estate label - a 2009 Rose . The vineyard is owned by Christine and Vaughan Paul.

We have been a fan of the complex and deeply satisfying wines created by Karl Johner for some time . This Rose is no exception. Its golden pink hue sees it glow in the bottle. Its has the longest finish of any rose I have ever had. It simply dances on the tongue and thoughts of strawberry and caramel linger long.

And if all that is not good enough - its also at a price point that is likely to win many fans. $14.50 from the Greytown Wine Centre.


CW said...

Try 25 Steps from Central Otago and Squawking Magpie.... MMMMMMMMMMM

james McGehan said...

At the Cellar Select groups's tasting in October Clearview Black Reef Blush was not just best rose it had the highest mark of any NZ wine on the day.
Costs $20 in my shop. Well worth it
James McGehanestopipp