Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Damn, this is not good. DOC have trapped 12 rats on the pristine stunning Ulva Island in Paterson Inlet on Stewart Island. This is a tragedy in the making. If they have caught 12 in a fortnight then there is a strong possiblity that there are hundreds already established on the sanctuary. Ulva is a window on what Stewart Island once was -alive with the haunting melody of a myriad of nativel birds and lush rich flora.

This is such a serious issue that there should be an inquiry into how it has happened. This sudden increase in the rat population makes one think that DOC has taken its eye off the ball. Its raison d'etre is to manage places like Ulva- to keep them predator free.

Accountability is required here. I hope the Minister Kate Wilkinson asks some hard questions.

The only good rat is a very dead rat.


Fantail said...

AFAIK all government department's first priorities are to cut costs. That's certainly all I've heard in terms of DOC. Maybe this is a strategic response to trimming the fat.

Can't have it both ways. Sucks for us birdies.

robertguyton said...


whowuddathort said...

You are right to be worried. I read the other day that 2 breeding rats (1 male and 1 female) can turn in to 1 million rats within 18 months.

Jono said...

Ah come on, DOC taking its eye off the ball or irresponsible low lifes who dont care about the threat they pose landing without permits or appropriate quarantine procedure?

Happens pretty regularly with some of the northern sanctuaries e.g. Hen and Chickens/Taranga and Marotere, and there is only so much DOC can do to stop stupid people doing stupid things.

Marty Mars said...

Good post BB about a really bad situation. Someone has dropped the ball but the priority must be to save this island and get those rats.

Dirty Rat said...

Shame on you