Wednesday, 19 January 2011


No surprises here, Pim Bird is the head honcho of the Maori party and he has has acted swiftly on a complaint about Hone Harawira. We blogged on Harawira's disloyal column and all round general uselessness the other day and suggested that the party had little option but give the shit the flick.

And it seems the party are making sure that they have all their ducks in a row - employing the constitutional grunt of Mai chen.

We talked to a few people today who reckon that Hone does have a problem if he goes rogue or gets the boot. He has a constituency that as one Maori leader suggested was "a bunch of feral riff raff. "

Thing is feral riff raff arent big on voting.

However, Hone is popular in his home patch. So the next few weeks will be interesting and put a whole new flavour in the up coming election.

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jabba said...

Phil Gaffe is like a pig in shit over this