Sunday, 30 January 2011


Today we discovered a new fruit we had not sampled before.

Its a Pluot.
It has a smooth apricot coloured skin with a freckled blush. Bite into it and there is none of the dryness one often associates with apricots, this is one bright juicy fruit. It is tart even on ripeness and we think excels the two fruits from which it was cleaved.

Especially if you like fruit with a kick.

And tonight we dine like kings - steamed lobster, dads new potatoes and a simple iceberg salad - and of course it was accompanied by a bottle of Wooing Trees blanc de noir - the fabulous - Blondie.

And the secret ingredient which is now very de rigeur - Highlander mayonnaise, as made popular by the chef who arguably best captures the heart of NZ cuisine - Al Brown. Athough we think mums version is better.

It was a short trip south but we have packed some of Central Otago's sunshine in our bag to remind us of our happy weekend. Sadly, tomorrow we are off back home to Wellington - albeit with about 20kgs of stone fruit which includes 15kgs of nectarines that Dad swapped for 3 muttonbirds and a big cray tail and some very good memories of food, wine and family.

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A sumptuous feast indeed! I am much more intrigued by the fruit, it stirs my mind simply because I have not tasted it.