Monday, 17 January 2011


We are over Hone. He is a back stabbing moaning, whining, whinging dork. If he wasn't brown you would think he was a pom.

His latest column where he bags his own party, is a clear cut case of massive disloyalty. He is shaping up to move on out but we think that he will take his time, as like all well known troughers he will use the taxpayer funded resources that he is entitled to as a Maori party member to campaign on his own issues and dis his colleagues on the way through.

Sharples and Turia need to boot his sorry arse out now.

What really bugs us about Hone is that he has an enormous sense of entitlement and he thinks that its everyone else's fault that the Maori underclass are stagnating in a pool of despondency.

Its not - its their fault. Poor performing Maori are fast running out of excuses as the Maori middle class grows larger every day.

What Hone needs to do is starting being the leader he has the capacity to be. He is right when he says the Maori party could do better at connecting with its constituents. But for the wrong reasons.

He needs to connect alright but not to stoke their anger at everyone else. No, what he needs to do is get on the paepae and tell them that the only way that they will get out of the poverty trap is to haul their own sorry brown arses up out of the pit all by themselves.

Maori have an obligation to their children to show that while they maybe a generation of lost causes and losers that they must ensure that their children do not follow their self indulgent path.

Maori have forgotten that New Zealand offers the same opportunity to everyone to make a good life. And nothing exemplifies that more than the growing Maori middle class. They are the beacon of hope. They prove that what Hone says to his constituents is a lie aimed at keeping them despondent, keeping their minds full of hate and blame. His is not the politics of aspiration. It is the politics of envy and blame.

And for all the white fellas who are out there who are thinking that this means that they the brown middle class are just white folks of a different hue - think again. These Maori hold dear to their cultural beliefs and practices. They are still active members of kapa haka, active in tribal politics and take every opportunity to use Te Reo. They also do all that they can to inspire others to follow them.
They are the hope of the nation that desperately wants to be an egalitarian society.

Funny thing is Hone is a high earning member of that Maori middle class.

So his responsibility is to that small group of Maori who just arent cutting it. The Maori underclass , while overrepresented in every negative social status indicator, are not a large group in numbers.
It's Hone's responsibility to tell the gangs to f**k off and leave the kids alone. To get up in the hills and burn down the dope crops. Get down to the boozer and haul the men out and send them home, Walk into the pokie parlours and tell the women to get home to their kids. And prowl the streets in the morning and send the truant kids back to school. And tell them that whining about their lot wont fix shit. And tell them that its time they started to take responsibility for ensuring that Maori dont create another lost generation.

But the sad thing is that Hone wont do any of the above. No he will wander around the country talking down the whiteys and telling Maori that their salvation lies in the sands of beaches everywhere - that if they can convince the nation to give them " ownership" of the beaches then all will be well in the world and Maori will ride the wave of prosperity and feel good about themselves.

Wrong. They will still be down at the pub, picking their dope crops, pressing the button on the machines of neon dreams, wagging school and hiding out in McDonalds.

Hone will not be the saviour to his people - he is just the devil in disguise.

Cactus has also given him another broadside.


Barry said...

But there is another scenario here. Ive been wondering why for some time the female co leader of the Greens (I honestly cant remember her name) has almost exclusively been making public comments not about 'green' matters, but always about maori matters. Anyhting green is left up to the the ausy bloke to spout on about.
But in the recent poll it became apparent that many maori party voters would vote Green if they thought the Maori party wasnt doing enough.
Its not beyond possibility that the Maori and the Greens might merge - and maybe Hone knows this and can see the Maori part of things get diluted - and thats not in his interest at all - and thus hes trying to create and bit of mongrel in maori - and that will frighten off the greens.

Stranger things have happened

whowuddathort said...

Interesting thought there Barry.

You are right, stranger things have happened.

robertguyton said...

Metiria Turei Barry.
Metiria Turei.
Remember that name and watch her space.

Anonymous said...

You underestimate the amount of "we wus robbed" and "we are entitled" sentiment amongst Hone's constituents.

Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

Yeup, I simply MUST get around to filing a claiming against the French for taking my ancestors' country in 1066!!

Keeping Stock said...

Metiria Turei eh Robert? Self-confessed anarchist, candidtae for the McGillicuddy Serious Party, candidate for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party and Green Party co-leader. You're quite right Robert; it IS a name to remember, but our reasoins for doing so will be poles apart!

Unknown said...

I have got this HONE blog going and the hits I get from all over the world on this one is incredible.

pdm said...

RG says `Metira Turei - watch her space'

You make a good point RG - she seems to have got plumper over the last couple of years and is taking up more space.

Must be the good life do you think.

kehua said...

All the thirstiest best for 2011 BB, Hone is a lot less dangerous than the likes of Laws, he has a Constituency, he plays to it and remains employed. I have always liked the noisiest pup in a litter, they generally become the team mainstay. We will see.