Monday, 17 January 2011


There is an article in the NZ Herald here about this bit part barbie dolly grizzling that NZ men are a bit uncouth.

They are - thats why we like them. Our guys don't do pedicures, or exfoliants and while their attempts to show their appreciation for a good looking chick lack a bit of finesse, they are still confident enough to pay you a compliment.

Now we had cause to walk past a building site the other day in a new flouncy dress.

It stoked memories of our youthful past some thirty five years ago when a saunter by a construction zone would see men fall to their knees and let out all manner of primal screams..

Sadly those days are gone - or so we thought.

As we wandered by, we looked up and there on the scaffolding was a youngish bloke who was definitely trying to get our attention. He didnt say a thing but he clutched his hands to to heart , which for a moment had us wondering if he wasnt suffering a heart attack , then he held out his hands in that age old "my heart is yours" gesture.

We looked around, there were no other girls around and no good looking blokes either. Yip it was for us. So we blew him back a kiss and he fell to his knees and blew one back.

We tossed our locks and grinned all the way down the street.

It was all done without a word, a woop or a holler...

Frankly, at our age we would have been just as happy with a wolf whistle or even a "Ohh yeahhh !!!"

Couth or uncouth - its doesnt really matter, what matters is that we can still command a bit of attention from blokes. It makes us feel good.

And unlike Anna Faris we dont have to do a titty flash to command attention.

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robertguyton said...

You tossed your locks?