Friday, 28 January 2011


So Hone is up against it. He talks up the fact that he has all this support in the far north. So how many turn up for the meeting to show that Hone is "their" man?

About 100 of Mr Harawira's backers attended and the outcome was rejection of the complaint, a demand that constitutional law expert Mai Chen be sacked from her role as an advisor to the party and that Mr Harawira should travel around the country to find out how much support there was for his concerns.

The trouble is the media didnt get it. They think that Hone has heaps of support. He has support alright. A whole heap of people who love him and respect him so much they couldnt be arsed going to a meeting . The National Council of the Maori Party will now know that the far north may be a noisy whingey lot but the reality is the same apathy that sees them locked into go nowhere blame everybody else lives is the same lot that cant be arsed making an effort to give Hone a decent show of support.

If Hone really did have support - attendance at that meeting should have been measured in the thousands.

And we all know how good Shane Jones is at wanking on and here he is at it again - He reckons that Hone will be Sharples in any political showdown.. Crap. Maori party followers are not that stupid.

Hone is toast.


Anonymous said...

It totally rips my nightie when people purport to represent the view of 'Maori' or 'Northland Maori' or whatever. They don't. It's propoganda, and while some of us are guilty of not being politically active and vocal enough, that doesn't give them the right to claim they speak for us all. Bollocks.

gravedodger said...

Agreed Bru but just as there is an economic (and otherwise) illiterate bunch who will vote labour even if they promised to set up a New Zealand Dachau, there is a rump of thickos throughout NZ who actually think John Hatfield and his cotiere of dumbarsed thugs around Awanui with their dope addled brains are the future of Maoridom.
I am not so confident that he wont cause mayhem in disrupting all that the current M. P. leadership are quietly achieving by working inside the Key Ministry.