Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Take a look at this wanker. Filthy Shit Aka Blanket Man the "urban legend" who is a common sight on the streets of downtown Wellington.

Now we think that the authorities lax attitude to him is just plain wrong. Every successful Maori we know cringes at the sight of him. Every unsuccessful one waves, feeds him or greets him with a "Chur Bro."

Says it all really.

But today we saw Blanket man blatantly break the law - a breach that would see anyone else fined. At the very least the liquor should be confiscated. And after a six pack of RTD bourbon, as was the case today - Blanket man would be intoxicated. We have seen him when he is pissed and he can become quite aggressive so he could also be arrested for being intoxicated.
Say an 18 year old wanders down Courtenay Place sees Blanket man getting pissed in full public view on a public street on a Friday night , then one of his mates gets chucked in the slammer for being intoxicated later that night that 18 year old would have less respect for the law and the law inforcers.

A lack of action by the authorities in this case sends all the wrong messages.

Blanket man not an icon. He is not loved by all. He needs to be treated as any other citizen. Inaction on the part of the authorities is an abrogation of their responsibility to uphold the law and apply it equally to everyone.

And I am more than happy for the police to "seize" my photographic evidence of this prick breaking the law.


Awaruasnob said...

Tina, You must be short of a post, quoting from the MSM. This (Maori?) fellow has been in CP area for years- Surely, you must have seen him as you as walked past to another food/wine venue- frequently reported by you? What have you done for this poor fellow? It must be a pleasure and relief to get out of the capital and away from the "rifraf"

KG said...

Too bloody right!

Anonymous said...

Well said. To be honest I find him quite intimidating when I see him in Courtenay Place.

How has a filthy often naked man become an icon??

pdm said...

Isn't he prone to showing his privates as well?