Friday, 18 February 2011


Crikey we have never been to the wild food festival - but we think its a great way to sample the weird and wonderful this country has to offer. However it means that every year they have to trump the weirdness that was offered up the year before.

Sadly we think they have scraped the barrel this year. There is just something wrong about wanking a stallion just so someone can chuck back a shot glass and declare to the world they are staunch.
Now we know the stallion is not likely to complain but it just seems silly.

Its definitely too weird for us. maybe it is the thought of the snotty texture.
We have had steers balls and cod balls and a fair amount of offal in our time but no matter how we look the whinny wanking - it makes us want to barf.

And who is going to test it for purity? How do the organisers know that the owner hasnt had a quiet toss into the pony porridge so he can skite to all his mates?

"I was drunk" would take on a whole new meaning

Nah - sorry . no eqwine for The Brunette. Never.

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