Monday, 7 February 2011


The Maori party showed some testicular fortitude today when it biffed Hone Harawira out of caucus.

While far from perfect ( which political party is ) the Maori Party has done a pretty good job of focusing their priorities on the politics of aspiration not the hate based blame everyone creed of Hone and his ilk.

Hone has continued to harp on that he has 5000 supporters. No -5000 people may have voted for him as a candidate for the Maori party. but there is no way that the 5000 voted solely for Hone so his actual fan base is considerably less.

Today would have been tough for the Maori party. They are, as someone suggested recently, a very broad church of many different Maori points of view. However the gains they have made and the status they now have has made them a true political force.

Their acceptance means that if they continue to tango with National when they win the next election, then they will make more gains. Key has already signalled he wants them in government next time. He sees them as a vital to building a better New Zealand.

So all New Zealanders should feel happy that the Maori party has made Hone walk the plank. His actions were mutinous and he deserved nothing less.

It was clear from listening to Matt McCarten on the JT and Willie show late last week that the lefty party of bradford, mcarten and and Harawira is set to go. Hone's headline grabbing is nothing more than a cynical attempt to get publicity for the launch of the new party..

So the new party? Well its a very ugly political menage a trois.They get their kicks from creating hate, they blame everyone else. We think it wont even last the distance to the election.

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