Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Today, Ipredict made one thing very very clear. If John Key and National continue to ride the seemingly endless wave of popularity then Hone has chucked his chance to ever make a difference for his people. If he goes from the Maori Party he has scrapped any chance of walking along side National and improving the lot of the people he says he represents.

Hone is destined to spend his days as an outrider on the opposition benches.

Hone Harawira to win Te Tai Tokerau as independent and Labour to win Te Tai Tonga, leaving Maori Party with three seats
John Key to form government with one or more or the Act, UnitedFuture and Maori parties

He will never ever be in Government.

Key has been extremely clear - its not because he needs the Maori Party that he has asked them to be part of the next government - he wants them to be part of the next government.

He knows that while National and the Maori Party differ on how to do things they do agree that bold things need to be done to lift the aspirations and achievements of Maori who are not doing well.

Hone has literally missed the Waka that will lead the way in changing the future for many Maori who are not


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