Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Whats the problem? It offers a dating and mating opportunity between 2 consenting adults.

And where better to find a really good looking one that in the land of of the doe eyed beauties the Ukraine.

"In order to 'turn on' Ukraine, it's enough to travel to Kyiv and see with your own eyes how the chestnut trees blossom during the spring. This is when it gets warm and women in Ukrainian cities begin taking off their clothes. You will see such beauty! It is very beautiful!"

So the only complaint we have is that there is not a competition for Win a Hubby.. We have a few gal pals who are still looking for Mr Right but are getting a bit long in the tooth so would settle for Mr Not Too Bad.

And as for Bradford whinging well she has a face like a dropped pie so its easy to see why kiwi blokes might find some appeal in a Ukrainian Missus.

Who would you choose???

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