Monday, 21 February 2011


There have been few political stories that have disturbed us more than the Tale from the Whale on the selection of the National Candidates for Rodney.

Anyone who supports centre right policies needs the read all of the information that Cameron has compiled on this issue.

It appears that we have a former South African who has inveigled himself in National Party politics, who has links to the more extreme far right political parties of his homeland.

We support centre right politics - sort of bright blue with a yellow Act border. And as the National Party is the dominant vehicle for our politics of choice then we support them. However our support for the party will end if something is not done to remove Cehill Pienaar from the Party.It is clear he is using the same bully boy tactics that were favoured by the parties he supported in S.A.

We think that the chances of him changing his political spots are about the same odds of Japan wining the Rugby World Cup.

He is the sort of wart on a political party, that espouses sensible politics, that needs to be frozen off.

He is very much the white version of Hone Harawira.

There will be criticism from the silly corners of the National Party for Whales exposure of this this prick. The National Party should be grateful that the Whale has shed light on the background of this awful man before he has too much influence on the party if he hasn't already.

It is probably the best political story Whale has done to date. It's the sort of story that if it was packaged in the mainstream media would have been a dead cert to win a Qantas media award.

There is little of the hyperbole everyone expects from Whale, he has written the story and backed it up with good information sources. The fact he is treating the story this way is probably a reflection of how disturbed he is by it.

So our challenge to the National Party is; get your head out of your arse and get rid on this racist arsehole. He does not reflect the National party policies that underpin a the sort of New Zealand we want.

He is a hater and a wrecker, and maybe worse.

We think that we speak for many people who support National Party politics - sort this mess out decisively for the sake of the party and indeed the country.

Doing nothing is not an option.


Keeping Stock said...

Agreed; surely Meneer Pienaar would be a better fit with Winston First and his xenophobes.

Anonymous said...

You don't like it because these people are opposed to the racism you support.
Well, smear away, in the absence of any logical arguement.

Blair said...

Cehill Pienaar has been the local electorate Chair in Rodney for two years. He is well known to the local party, as is his apartheid past.

He has never in that time, to my knowledge, said anything remotely racist or espoused anything other than good solid centre-right policy.

If he was a candidate for National, I might have something to say about that, as his past would probably make him too controversial. But he is not. He is just the local party Chair.

If you are going to start saying that Afrikaaner immigrants, most of whom supported apartheid at the time, cannot take part in our politics, then you are no better than they were back then. It's exclusion on the grounds of race, and hypocritical.

You need to stop assuming you know better than the local National membership in Rodney. If Pienaar has been stacking the membership in favour of his candidate, that is one thing, but if you are going to complain that he once supported apartheid, then that is unfair and bigoted. Notwithstanding this latest episode, he is an experienced political activist who has otherwise been a good chairperson for the local party.

pdm said...

Anon - will you please clarify your racism comment. I cannot recall anyone on this blog supporting racism of any sort.

Opposing the racist approach of Hone Harawira, his family and others yes but promoting racism no.

Anonymous said...

I live in Rodney and have always voted National, however this time we are just plain disgusted with the antics going on. If Brent Robinson ends up as the candidate, I can see more than a few of us campaigning to tick the party vote for National, and leave the other box blank. They can both get stuffed.