Monday, 14 February 2011


In the beginning was the phone and the phone was with God and the phone was God .

All things came into being through the Phone and apart from the Phone nothing came to be that has come to be.

In the phone was life and it was the Light of men ( and sheilas) but not gay people.

And we saw the Glory of the Phone, full of Grace and Truth.

So behold the phone that takes away all sin but is down on gays.

Behold the phone, for it reminds me that horoscopes are the instruments of the false prophets.

Confessional Texts 99cents ask your father( not The Father ) first.

Praise be to the phone and three giddays to Mary.

App only $1.99 with all money going to the upkeep of the mansion for old priests who molested
little kids and lonely mothers.

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