Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Joris de Bres is a joke. And his limp wristed lilly livered smacking over the hand with a piece of dried flax of Nga Puhi, who want to charge media to cover a national event like Waitangi day, is disgusting.
If nothing else Maori should be about freedom and that includes press freedom. It is time that the media showed some balls ( just take a look at how John Key does it ) and tell Nga Puhi to piss off.

David Rankin has led the way and called his kin "racists" and "crazed dogs"...

They are both. idiot curs that turn good food into shit.

De Bres is yesterdays man. There is no place for him in a New Zealand that allows this sort of racist bullshit.

He should be sacked.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You're wrong.

He should have been sacked a long time ago.

CW said...

The marae committee at Te Tii is not Nga Puhi

Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

Awwww, now you're manipulating the media: I can catagorically state that this is NOT a picture of Joris de Bres!