Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Well we always thought that this year would be interesting . We have faith in John Key and today he delivered. Not because he has the balls to call an election date so far out .. No that requires big balls.

No, sadly in New Zealands political MMP landscape, the really big hairy ball call comes when you tell to Winston Peters to F**k off.

Today JK did just that - he kicked Winstons arse into the political wilderness..

Winston will have opened a bottle of Blue Label Johnny Walker, after he heard Keys statement and be swigging it back thinking of past because now, that's all he has. John Key has consigned him to history.

Goff has no choices left. Vote for Winston and you vote Labour...

It is a stroke of political mastery. Bloody bewdiful. That means we can get back to planting taters and punkins, making jam and pies and biscuits and drinkin wine and ginger beer over in the Wairarapa.

This will be the cruisiest election year in history.

Thank you John Key. You have made our day.


Lewis Holden said...

Certainly a welcome announcement - but more welcome would be a cheque from Winston Peters to the taxpayer (preferably one that isn't made of rubber too).

jabba said...

I don't know if labour will laugh or cry .. Key has basically told the thinking voters that pick me or have the country run by Gaffe/Silent T/Daffy/Turei/Norman/Winny .. fk that