Tuesday, 15 February 2011


So the EPMU wants the government to stump up with some funds to pay for any legal bills they might incur around Pike River legal action.

Union Boss and Labour Party boss Andrew Little did the begging bowl trick but it didnt wash with the government.

Chris Finlayson put it very well

"The EPMU is a professional membership advocacy organisation. It receives revenue from its members specifically to provide its purpose of advocacy. There is no extra burden on the EPMU created by doing its job for its members."

What we want to know is what does the Union do with all its dues? How much does it have in the kitty? How much does it own? How good a service does it provide for its members?

Little seems to have the ingrained sense of entitlement that will mean he will be a perfect Labour Party MP.

UPDATE (sigh ) the oracle has the answers - our favorite uber political geek KiwiBlog says the EPMU pulls in around $12 mill a year and has$13 mil in assets

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