Monday, 14 December 2009


We refuse to be all that serious in the lead up to Xmas. So this story tickled our fancy - so to speak.

Years ago in another life we taught a bit a sex education to inmates and one of the exercises to warm the class up was to get them to fess up with all the names they knew for genitals amle and female.

Today Stuff has a great article on just that topic..

Heres a few :
then there's foofa, box, pink, one car garage, sperm dumpster, hoo-ha, axe wound, lady bits, china, vulva, blossomful of nectar, muffin, toolbox, velvety love folds, pastrami meat flaps, pin cushion, catcher's mitt, cuckoo's nest, the wound that never heals, bearded clam, beef curtains, tunatown, vertical taco, bajango, catpipe, nozzle trap, bushburger, front wedgie, fanunu, pecker wetter, dirty south.

Anyway we can add a few more from our memory banks, growler, hairy oyster, whistle trap, penis pouch, gunga, hidey hole, tooki on toast, poon.

So who has some more?


LAMBCUT said...

Try asking a group, (preferably after a drink or two) all the names they know for coitus. It can make a good drinking game. Participants have to come up with something or drink. A sample follows: making the beast with two backs, sexual intercourse, bumping uglies, giving the maggot a gallop, making love, humping, giving blue nose a feed of guts...

kehua said...

Tush, Minge and Tiggywig

Dave said...

My favourite is "jungle area".