Thursday, 10 December 2009


We reckon the Labour Lycra loving bovver boy Trev Mallard is developing a bit of a thing for Cactus Kate - the prickly puss of Hong Kong. We know when the Red Alert guys start lurking around the blogs..

They leave a trail of red breadcrumbs along the cyber highways and byways of blogdom. And we can tell you they have been lurking. Well some of them anyway.

Now we like Trevor's blogs - they are the only thing worth reading over at Red Alert and he is quite good lunch company as well - despite being a socialist arsewipe.

Today in the House during Question Time in an exchange between Cunliffe and Joyce., in a total random outburst Mallard was heard to shout out this reference to the spiny spinster: " What did Cactus Kate say about it!"

It was noticed, it drew gasps of shock. Others were stunned.

We think that Trev has all the sex appeal of a dead possum.

We think it is strange... like - whats that about? - strange.... But that small phrase has the beltway a buzz and was mentioned in hushed tones at functions all over town tonight.

Is Trevor in lust ? Is he harbouring a virtual obsession for Kate?

What does he do in the privacy of his own office while reading the pithy wit of the Hong Kong Harridan?

Does he have her picture as a screen saver?

Does he skype her?

We think the idea of Cactus shagging Trev is preposterous and the only way she would jump his bones is in the name of research - perhaps to find the answer that vexing question - Are Labour politicians better lovers that capitalists?

We wonder does he have any trips planned to Hong Kong?

What ever does this mean?

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Anonymous said...

The reference was to Kate's posting on Joyces veracity. Trevor.